“Sweet Istria” (Sladka Istra) – the sweetest festival far and wide

The international festival of desserts and sweets “Sweet Istria” is has been traditionally held in Koper every year since 2009. The event usually takes place at the end of September and lasts for two days (Saturday and Sunday).

During the first few festivals, local manufacturers of sweets and desserts mainly presented their products on market stalls along the main Koper promenade. Over the years, however, the event has evolved into an international festival attracting over ten thousand visitors in two days.

Nowadays, “Sweet Istria” brings together everything related to the world of sweets: providers of various sweets and desserts on market stalls, a high-quality accompanying programme including cooking shows and workshops on how to prepare and bake sweets, wine tastings, guided tastings of other sweet drinks, and so much more…

Another important component is the professional part of the festival, where the best muscat, the most original dessert and the best cake of the “Sweet Istria” festival are selected.

In recent years, the festival has moved from the main promenade of Koper to the centre of the town, thus satisfying the sweet tooth of a range of town squares and streets. In case of bad weather, the event is cancelled.