“Sweet Istria” 2020: the “Sweet Istria Week” instead of the “Sweet Istria” festival

Due to the measures intended to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, the 12th international festival of desserts and sweets “Sweet Istria” will not be taking place in Koper this September. However, the “Sweet Istria Week” will be organised from 21 to 27 September in cooperation with Istrian catering operators.

During the “Sweet Istria Week”, selected catering facilities in the Slovenian Istria (coffee shops, pastry shops, restaurants and other types of catering facilities) will supplement their menus with a special sweet menu containing at least one dessert with one typically Istrian ingredient and one sweet drink. In this way, visitors will be able to satisfy their sugar cravings in a slightly different way at several locations in the Slovenian Istria during the period when Koper usually hosts the traditional “Sweet Istria” festival. This year, the end of the summer at the seaside will be sweet after all.