Visitors can also buy tasting coupons * at the information points distributed throughout the venue and where all information about the event is available.

Tasting coupons are sold in a set of 5. The price of each set is EUR 3.00 (including VAT), and the value of one tasting coupon is EUR 0.60 (including VAT). Each visitor can buy at least 1 set of tasting coupons. In exchange for one or two tasting coupons, the visitor gets one tasting of a sweet product from the vendor of sweets. Each sweet vendor at the event will offer a variety of tastings of sweet products at their point of sale.

Unused coupons cannot be returned or exchanged for cash.

* In 2020, tasting coupons are not planned, as the event is not held in the traditional form. During the Week of Sweet Istria 2020, visitors are offered special sweet menus and other benefits from certain providers in the Slovenian Istria.